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"No man is an island — " Much as we may feel and act as Individuals, our race is — a single organism, always growing and branching — which must be pruned regularly to be healthy.
Robert A. Heinlein

Typical Pine

The edge were tree meets field creates a haven for all sorts of critters.

Peking Weeping Willow

As a kid, the Wilcox place two blocks away had a huge weeping willow that shaded their front yard. Delivering papers in the summer I'd walk under that tree, and it was like diving into a cool green pool. Must have been a good 10 degrees cooler under there.

One of the trees I've always wanted was a big willow like that. Last summer I received cuttings for Peking. It will be a while before I have a huge shady willow patch. But one thing I'm learning as a tree farmer is that I have to be patient.

Most of the weeping willows are not hardy here. My source claims that these should work here. We will see.

Warning to anyone planting a weeping willow. By all accounts they are untidy trees, always dropping leaves, and twigs. A good shaking by the wind, and some of the bigger stuff falls loose. If you are someone who mows his lawn twice a week in the growing season to keep it looking neat, you will not be happy with this tree. If, you have visions of a weeping willow gracing one side of your pond, with branch ends hanging just above the water, and you don't mind a bit of debris in the water, then I may have a tree for you in a year or so.

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