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"The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder"

Amber Jubilee

Amber Jubilee

Center Glow

Center Glow

Dart's Gold

Dart's Gold

Festivus Gold

Festivus Gold

Ginger Wine

Ginger Wine

Summer Wine

Summer Wine

Tiny Wine

Tiny Wine

Tiny Wine Gold

Tiny Wine Gold


Physocarpus opulifolius

Ninebarks are characterized by medium size coarse textured leaves, with several lobes. Flowers very small, but in round powderpuff-like balls. Colour white, to pinkish. While the flowers add interest, they are not breathtaking. Seed heads will remain on the plant through winter.

This plant comes in a large variety of colours and sizes.

Their bark adds winter interest to a landscape. It has a shredded appearence as if in many layers.

Easy to grow, tolerates abuse.

One Calgary article panned it, saying it was always ratty looking. Turns out it isn't tolerant of chinooks.

Good background plant. Good hide-the-bottom-edge plant.

Sun: Ok in full sun to part shade. Colours tend to be less strong when grown in shade. Soil: Tolerates clay, dry soils, rocky soils.

Prune after bloom, or when dormant. Pruning in late summer may cause flush of tender growth that then dies off when it gets cold.

These are good contrast plants. Be cautious of mass plantings. Can be too much of a good thing.

Prune hard to keep tidy, or whack off to the ground every 3-4 years.

Most of these are special order. I normally carry Amber Jubilee and Diablo.

'Amber Jubilee' Ninebark

This is my favorite. Colours range from yellow green to orange to red to burgundy to purple, with several colours present on each leaf at any given time. As the season progresses, the red and purple pigments become dominant. 5-6 feet tall x 4 wide.

'Center Glow' Ninebark

A not as dark version of Diablo -- center of leaves tend to stay lighter. New leaves are bright red, going purple as they age. 6-8 feet by same width. Hybrid between Diablo and Dart's Gold.

'Dart's Gold' Ninebark

Foliage is intially yellow, going lime green by mid summer. Hot weather speeds the transition. Size, about 5 feet x 5 feet. Good resistance to powdery mildew.

'Diabolo' Ninebark

Dark burgundy to purple leaves, going to deep red in fall. Size: 6-8 feet tall by nearly that wide. If you want it smaller, don't fertilize it.

'Festivus Gold' Ninebark

Dwarf version of Dart's gold.

'Ginger Wine' Ninebark

Sunny orange maturing to sparkling burgundy. 5-6 feet tall and wide.

'Panther' Ninebark All the descriptions read like Diablo.

'Royal Jubilee' Ninebark

Near as I can tell, a dwarf version of Amber Jubilee. 3-4 feet.

'Summer Wine' Ninebark

Deeply cut wine red foliage. 4-6 feet tall and wide. Leaves may green up in mid summer.

'Tiny Wine' Ninebark

Dwarf (by comparison) version maroon to bronze leaves. 3-4 feet tall and wide.

'Tiny Wine Gold' Ninebark

Yellower than Tiny Wine. Not as yellow as Dart's Gold. 3-5 feet.

Inventory tables are double rows to make them usable on small screens.
Common name and container in column 1.
Count is how many we think we have left. Price is per tree.
Height will be there next year, we hope.

Leaf -- Ninebark

Common Name
Ninebark, 'Amber Jubilee'
#2 Std pot (6 qt)
Ninebark, 'Amber Jubilee'
#5 Std pot (15 qt)
Ninebark, 'Centerglow'
#5 Std pot (15 qt)
Ninebark, 'Centerglow'
#5 Std pot (15 qt)
Ninebark, 'Diablo'
#2 Std pot (6 qt)
Ninebark, 'Diablo'
#5 Std pot (15 qt)
Ninebark, Golden Nugget
#5 Std pot (15 qt)
Last Update: 2022-May-17

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