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American Mountain Ash

Medium sized American Mountain ash. Berries tend to be orange.

European Mountain Ash berries

Berries tend to be much redder in the European Mtn. Ash.

European Mountain Ash fall colour

It's NOT yellow. Most mountain ashes have strong oranges to reds in their fall colour.

Showy Mountain Ash flowers

In early summer the tree is covered in clusters of white flowers. Bees love this tree.

Showy Mountain Ash fall leaves berries

Each flower becomes a berry. Save the clumps that fall off the tree for winter bird food

Showy Mountain Ash Leaf

This is the leaf. Separate leaflets on either side of the main leaf stem.

European Mtn. Ash mature

Example of a mature speciman.

Mountain Ash (Rowan)

Sorbus spp.

The Mountain Ash family

Many people dislike the tree's habit of shedding big berry clusters in the wind in late summer. Berries are good bird food, and can be collected, frozen, and put on a platform feeder for a different selection of birds.

Soil Preferences: Moist, well drained acidic soil. Sun: Most references say 'Full Sun' but locally I find it as an understory tree in my poplar forests.


Black Hawk Mountain Ash Sorbus acuparia 30 x 20 feet, upright rounded crown, Zone 2, Orange red fall colour. Selection of European Mountain Ash.

Columnar Mountain Ash Sorbus acuparia 'Fastigiata', Sorbus x thuringiaca 'Fastigiata' Variable height, upright rounded crown, Zone 3-4, Orange red fall colour. Several different trees are marketed as columnar mountain ash. I got a dozen one year that appear identical, but have two different tags. Go figure. Thuringiaca generally is a hybrid between European Mountain Ash (Rowan Tree) and Sorbus aria *(Whitebeam) The term 'fastigiata' means small branch angle between truck and side branches, and is almost always used when the 'others' tend to sprawl.

Russian Mountain Ash Sorbus acuparia 'Rossica' 30 x 15 feet. Somewhat narrower form, pyramidal, with more reistance to sun scald. Orange berries.

Showy Mountain Ash Sorbus decora 25 x 20 feet. Most cold tolerant, but slowest growing. Red berries. Less tolerant of alkaline soil.

Oakleaf Mountain Ash Sorbus hybrida, Sorbus thuringiaca 25 x 20 Leaflets aren't separated fully. This is the least cold hardy of the Mountain Ashes, but I think it has the nicest fall colour. The one in my demo park has been here for 3 years is is doing well.

American Mountain Ash Sorbus americana Medium tree to 40 feet. Not often found.

Inventory tables are double rows to make them usable on small screens.
Common name and container in column 1.
Count is how many we think we have left. Price is per tree.
Height will be there next year, we hope.

Leaf -- Mountain_Ash

Common Name
Mountain Ash, Black Hawk
3 in. Caliper Amaroo Tree Box (100 liter)
Mountain Ash, Oak Leaf
#10 Growbag (42 qt)
Mountain Ash, Showy
#15 Std pot (45 qt)
Mountain Ash, Showy
#7 Std pot (21 qt)
Mountain Ash, Showy
Last Update: 2024-Jan-21

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