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By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity.
Robert A. Heinlein

How to Pre-Order

Our Pre-order system works by email.

Picking up your order

Many people want to pick up in person, to reduce the stress of shipping.

During the Covicrisis we work like this:

What about Covid?

Masks are not required as social distancing is very easy and EVERYTHING is out in the open. Outdoor transmission of Covid is very rare. But you may certainly wear a mask. Yes, we will take your money, your credit card, your cheque.

But if you're sick, stay home. In quarantine, please either wait, or if you need to come out, keep extra distance from everyone, and we will load your car. From the back.

Can we shop in person?

Yes. Make an appointment, and you can wander around making piles of trees. One of my crew will collect them with the tractor and trailer if need be and bring them to your vehicle. We'll even load for you.

We are primarily a farm, so signage isn't great. Also: Stuff is arranged mostly by how much water it needs. So the same thing may be in 6 different places. Staff are (supposed to be) in reflective vests. Ask.

How can we pay? Can we do an etransfer at your place? Do you take credit cards? Cash?

Of course. Roger's reception isn't very good at the tree yard. Head uphill. If you get close to the house, you can tap into our wifi network. Password will be posted. We have three wifi access points, but the password is the same on all of them. On the north side you have to get about half way to the house. On the driveway side you can do it from your car where you turn around.

Debit and Credit cards at the house or potyard, or over the phone. We use a tablet with a reader, so we can do it on the step. Visa and Mastercard no problem. The weird ones, like American Express, Diner's Club, and Discover aren't handled by our system.

Yes we take cash. We actually do money laundering. Literally. 2 minute soak in a bleach solution and hang to dry. (My brother always said I'd need to learn how to do money laundering.)

We also take large lumps of gold, diamonds over a carat, natural rubies, and other precious metal ingots.

Do you deliver?

Yes, but it's expensive. We charge $150 per load for the Edmonton Metro area. This goes east to about Ardrosan, west to Wabamum, South to Pigeon Lake's north Shore. Further than that it's 2/km one way.

Do ever just come into Edmonton? (Can I get my tiny delivery for free?)

Meeting someone costs us a half an hour to an hour if it's an adjunct to a trip we were making anyway. It's 3 hours for us to make a trip to town. During May I'm already working from first light to evening twilight. If your time is more valuable than mine, then you can pay for delivery.

I'm in {Calgary | Grand Cache | Ft. Mac ...} What can you do?

We try to set up tree pooling. I can take an order, but leave it as a quote contingent on getting a tree pool. Someone who has a larger vehicle will bring several orders back with him, and keep them at his house for you to pick up. The usual contribution expected is 25% of the value of your purchase, but this is negotiable between you and the pool operator. We set this up by sending all the contact info to everyone, and letting someone lead it.

If I get enough orders, it's worth while for me to make a delivery trip to Calgary, once the busy season is over (mid June) A Calgary delivery is $600. That is pro-rated over the load. We usually rendezvous at Crossiron Mills mall north of Calgary. If you want it to your door, that will be extra.

Do you install? How much does it cost?

Sometimes. Depends on how busy we are. Installations can be booked starting from mid-June. If it's really hot, we reschedule -- transplanting is hard enough on a tree. Price for installation is the same as for the tree. So a 100 tree will cost 100 to plant. Depending on the size of the job we may give discounts. You can see from the delivery and the planting costs, that we really prefer to stay at home.

Can you ship big trees?

Not really. The economics of this get awful really fast. Shipping a pallet anywhere in Alberta is about 500, often more than the trees are worth. You can do better by renting or borrowing a trailer, or paying the 2/km delivery charge. Trailer hitches are surprisingly inexpensive, and most SUVs are fine with up to a 1 ton trailer (no extra brake controller needed)

Seedling Tips

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Want to talk right now? Call me: (8 am to 8 pm only, please) 1-780-848-2548

Do not arrive unannounced. Phone for an appointment. Why? See Contact & Hours That same page gives our hours of operation.

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Sherwood's Forests is located about 75 km southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Please refer to the map on our Contact page for directions.