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Goldrush Amur Cherry.

In fall the leaves go a translucent orange.

In winter you have copper coloured bark gleaming in the sun.

Muckle plum has lovely pink flowers in spring.

Muckle plum flower closeup.

In fall it goes a nice orange.

Nanking is over in the fruit section, but it deserves a mention as a flowering shrub in spring. Blossoms are pale pink.

Princess Kay plum in full bloom.

Have a closer look at the flowers.

And fall colour for the Princess.

You can see why I call it the Popcorn Tree.

Flowers of Russian Almond. It's not as big as it looks.

Whole shrub of russian almond

Schubert Chokecherry. At this point the leaves are still green. In late June the leaves turn purple.

In fall they go a reddish burgundy.

Japanese double flowering plum.

Ornamental Plums

And some other members of the plum family

Not just plums but also Amur Cherry and an almond hybrid.

Many of the stone fruit trees (plum, cherry, apricot, mayday) are worth having just for their blossoms. But those guys are described over in the food forest section.

These generally are small trees or medium sized shrubs that are splendid in early spring, covered in white or pink blossoms. With many of them the blooms are ahead of the leaves. In summer they are a pleasant green tree or shrub. In fall most of them are anywhere from pink to burgundy.


Goldrush Amur Cherry/ Klondike Amur Cherry Hardy cultivar with loose clumps of white flowers in spring, and dark green leaves. But most of us love this tree for it's dark copper coloured peeling bark. Something that isn't grey in winter! Height 25 ft. by Width 15 feet.

Goldspur Amur Cherry A dwarf version of the above it only gets Height 15 ft. by Width 10 feet.

Amur cherries, like Maydays and chokecherries have clusters of tiny white blossoms in spring, and tiny cherrylike berries in late summer that only a bird can love.

Fall colour is a slightly orange red. Leaves are thin, so the light shines

Princess Kay Plum This is a double flowering American wild plum. (Prunus americana) The mutation that causes the extra blossoms makes it close to fruitless. Height 15 ft. by Width 10 feet.

Muckle Hybrid Plum Muckle plum is a hybrid between a japanese plum and a Russian almond. In spring it is covered with pink flowers. Height 15 ft. by Width 10 feet. This is a sterile tree that never has fruit.

Shubert Choke Cherry Clouds of tiny white flowers in spring. Leaves start out green, then in mid-summer turn purple. Height 25 ft. by Width 20 feet.


Double Flowering Plum A largish shrub 6-8 feet up and wide covered in pink flowers in early spring, and with orange leaves in fall.

Russian Almond A small shrub, about 3 feet with shiny narrow leaves and rose-red flowers in spring. Yes, it produces an almond about the size of a pencil eraser. Quite bitter.

If it's even vaguely edible it's over in Stone Fruit Apricots, in particular are very pretty trees with pink flowers in spring, and new leaves that are red, and red-orange fall colour.

Black Knot

All members of the Prunus family are subject to Black Knot. More info at the bottom of Stone Fruit

Inventory tables are double rows to make them usable on small screens.
Common name and container in column 1.
Count is how many we think we have left. Price is per tree.
Height will be there next year, we hope.

Leaf -- Prunus

Common Name
Cherry, Amur 'Goldrush'
#15 Std pot (45 qt)
Cherry, Schubert
#15 Std pot (45 qt)
Plum, Princess Kay
#10 Std pot (30 qt)
Plum, Princess Kay
#7 Std pot (21 qt)
Last Update: 2022-May-17

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