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Our patience will achieve more than our force
Edmund Burke

Typical Pine

The edge were tree meets field creates a haven for all sorts of critters.

Special Orders

Because I can’t stock everything.

These files are generated using serious magic from some of my vendor’s catalogs. They get updated now and then. The magic still has side effects. If a price seems too good to be true, I goofed on the spell. The opposite happens too. Absurd prices that are way too high. Please point these out.

For placing orders, please email me with the order code, and how many you want. For your own sanity you may want to include the descriptions. I will send you a quote. If you act on that quote and turn it into an order, then I add to my order.

These lists overlap a lot with what I grow here. I will sometimes have smaller sizes. of stuff. You need to check both the regular and special inventory.

Special orders run a bit more than what I stock. I get a better price when I buy 40 of something, and I have a place to put it too. Just less hassle. If you order something off these pages and it’s a stock item, you get the stock price.

This is an experiment to see if there is enough interest to make it worth doing.

In this section:

Main Is the full jeffries Nurseries catalog.

Ornamentals has most of the leaf trees that are planted just for pretty.

Fruit is both tree fruit and small fruit. You will find Tree fruit first.

Shrubs All the leafy shrubs, but not roses or vines.

Roses has all the prairie hardy roses that Jeffries has in stock at this time.

Evergreens has not only trees, but also junipers and shrub cedars.

Perennials has the stuff that comes back year after year, not including the grasses.

Grasses are perennial grasses.

Annuals These include herbs, and annual grasses as well as bedding plants. Note: You have to order these by the tray. Contact me for details.

Got something to say? Email me: sfinfo@sherwoods-forests.com

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Want to talk right now? Talk to me: (8 am to 8 pm only, please) 1-780-848-2548

Do not arrive unannounced. Phone for an appointment. Why? See Contact & Hours That same page gives our hours of operation.

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Sherwood's Forests is located about 75 km southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Please refer to the map on our Contact page for directions.