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Northest Poplar

2 yr old Northwest poplar and spruce trees. The poplar protect the young spruce. The spruce allow the poplar to spread out more.

Cottonwood tree in Nebraska

This not a skyfest cottonwood. It's just a cottonwood. Skyfest is noted for being more upright.

Poplars for shade

Northwest Poplar & Skyfest Cottonwood

These two trees get quite tall -- 80-90 feet under good contions -- and quite broad, 35 to 60 feet. This is one reason I don't recommend them for the average postage stamp city lot.

Upright cottonwood

This is another wild cottonwood, but it is a better match for the descriptions I have for Skyfest. (How do they KNOW how big it's going to get without watching it grow up?)

Cottonwood on abandoned golfcourse

Northwest seedling

Northwest poplar in it's second summer.

Northwest 4 year old

This one is either 3 or 4 years old. Was watered when I planted it then ignored.


Northwest is a standby for shelterbelts. If you want to use it in this capacity spread your trees further apart. I would suggest putting it 24-30 feet apart with two of shelterbelt poplars between them.

Cottonwood Leaf

Cottonwood leaf, showing the classic delta shape with rough teeth.

Skyfest Cottonwood

Skyfest is new to me. (2015) My largest is a terrifying 5 feet tall in it's second year. AND I can't find my pics!

Populus deltoides, the plains cottonwood is a FAST growing tree. There are records of 25 years of 1" diameter and 5 foot height growth. (Probably not in Alberta...) But 3-4 feet is not unusual even in our climate. Leaves are triangular 3-4 inches on a side (hence the 'deltoides' name) and are coarsely toothed.

Skyfest was chosen for being fluffless, having a more upright habit of growth and being very disease resistant.

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