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Will my wallet survive?


With most private sales we pick up the GST. When I quote $1000 for 80 trees, it doesn't turn into $1050 at checkout.

With company and city sales, this creates no end of confusion in their book keeping systems. We charge the GST, so their books balance. But we'll take that into account in setting the prices.

Typical prices before discounts

Our prices are mostly based on pot size, and whether I can grow them from scratch, or have to bring them in. For specific prices, send a request for a quote. But to give a feel:


Seedlings can come as plugs -- a finger of dirt with a tree sticking out one end, or as bare root -- where the dirt stays home. Seedling tops range from a few inches to over a foot. Prices range from $2.50 to $6 depending mostly on my cost. Buy a full box, (most plugs) or multiples of 200 (bare root) and take off 20%. Available only in May.

1 litre styroblocks

Trees in 1 litre styroblocks are $6 to $8 each. ($90/block of 15. Blocks with dead or sub-standard trees will pro-rated.) Discounts on larger numbers. Exceptions for very slow growing trees, such as bristlecone pine.

3 litre pots

(Standard #1 trade pot, 5.5 inches across by 6.5 inches tall)

Typically $12.50 for willows and poplars, spruce, $18 for others. $20 for special order stock.

6 litre pots

Standard #2 trade pot, and #2 Stuewe Tree Pot.

Mostly $20 each. $30 for fruit bushes, and most ornamental shrubs and for slow growing trees.

Larger trees

Larger pot sizes depend on what, and how big.

Most conifers are $12/foot, except blue spruce and mountain pine ($20/ft.)

Fruit trees and ornamentals range from 5-10 feet in height, and are priced $60 to $125. Most are 6-8 feet and are $80.


Bulk purchase

Our prices are usually the lowest around. Indeed, if you find a lower price on a comparable item, let me know. I will either meet it or I will explain the difference between their offer and my offer. However, if you buy in bulk, we can dicker.

Generally if you buy a box of seedlings, take off 20%. Seedlings are only available from early May to early June

For many trees, buy 10, get 10% off. Buy 25 get 15% off. Buy 50, get 20% off. Buy 100, get 25% off. Buy 200 get 30% off.

Trade discounts: Municipalities and companies involved in the green trade generally get 20% off, but accept the usual, 'Guaranteed true to type and healthy at farm gate' warranty. Some additional discounts on larger orders.

Custom growing.

If you know you will need a few hundred of something a long time ahead, send us a description. We'll come up with a proposal.

Got something to say? Email me: sfinfo@sherwoods-forests.com

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Want to talk right now? Call me: (8 am to 8 pm only, please) 1-780-848-2548

Do not arrive unannounced. Phone for an appointment. Why? See Contact & Hours That same page gives our hours of operation.

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Sherwood's Forests is located about 75 km southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Please refer to the map on our Contact page for directions.