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No, the sign in Gastown looked nothing like this. Their’s was far more elegant.

Contact Info

Irregular Hours Strictly Observed

We saw this on a sign on a tiny store in downtown Vancouver, in Gastown. This suits us to a Tee. We are happy to have visitors, but please call first. For obvious reasons, you want to be here during daylight. It's not an indoor shopping experience. Picking your tree by touch gets tricky. Count on it taking an hour to get here from Edmonton your first time.

Nominal Hours

We do make the odd exception: If someone is traveling from a far place and is only near us on a closed day, we may relent. And sometimes work schedules mean that someone can only come Wednesday at 7 p.m. Ask your self if you would give up your weekend were our roles reversed. Or suppose that for service after hours I charged you 100 plus 60/hour. My vet costs more than that when I call him for porcupine quills. I've never actually charged people for service outside normal hours. But it's tempting.


Please let us know you are coming. There is only one Sherwood here. We try to set it up so that we can deal with each client individually. There is only one Laura too. She answers the phone, makes your bill, accepts your money, and tries to keep Sherwood from having to become triplets. (We've tried to use photocopies, but while they look fine (some say better than the original...) they don't answer questions very well.)

Laura does the appointments. She makes up your bill. She takes your money. Sometimes this means she treats the person in front of her as being more important than your phone call. Do NOT call my cell phone and ask for an appointment. I will tell you to call the landline. Wait 5 minutes and try the land line again. Or leave a message. "Hi, I'd like an appointment. Call me at..."

If you can't make an appointment then let us know. We do understand that stuff happens. You can either book a new time, or if your future is currently is just a mess, just cancel, and call again at a later date. Failing to let us know is very bad karma. We actually track this. The list of no-shows is sent by courier elf to Santa on 6 December every year. Coal in your stocking...


Email is one of the most reliable ways to get Sherwood. For routine matters I can deal with email faster than a phone call. At the height of the busy season, we are getting dozens of phone calls and scores of emails a day. During the rush, I try to clear my inbox several times a day.

If you have a "Sherwood question" email it. I don't have all knowledge at my fingertips. I have to look things up. I may have an article about it already, and can just send you back a link.

sf-info@sherwoods-forests.com I will usually answer the same day.

Click on the link to have your email program open up with a new compose window. Most pages have this same link at the bottom, or click on the blue envelope at the top of the navigation column below the logo.


Phoning the office is the easiest way to set up an appointment to come here. There is often some back and forth trying to find a common time

Home/Office 780-848-2548

This phone is a landline. Sending texts to it isn't useful. I rarely try to decipher them. Send an email instead.

Because it is a both our home phone and our business phone we answer it even outside of hours. But if you are calling to find out something that is on our web page, (Do you have columnar vebbleberry bushes?) or something that is more general knowledge and widely available (How do I plant a tree) I will be annoyed. If sufficiently annoyed, I will summon the Time Lord, and have him personally deliver a Dalek to your door.

We are usually up and have coffee in our hands, if not our bloodstream, by 7 a.m. or shortly after. If it's important, call, but wait until 8 if you can. The flip side is we tend to crash early. Please don't phone after 8 p.m. It annoys the cats. I will be rude.

Do leave a message if we don't grab the phone fast enough. If you don't leave a message we'll never get back to you. It's just the way things are. And don't rattle off your phone number. My pencil was not made by Ferrari. Repeat it. Pause the way it's written. "My number is 780 pause 848 pause 2548. That number again is..."

Sherwood's Cell 780-863-7311 We are in the fringe area of two different towers. Reception is spotty. Try calling. If nothing happens, try a text "Call me about X". You can follow this up with the single word "Ping!" about every 15 minutes. Lots of things on a farm can make me not hear a text arrive. Machinery, wind, conversation with a customer. Voice mail is hard to retrieve in the field. Text works better. If you can't text, phone the office landline and leave a message on it. Texts rattle around the towers for a while and I will usually get them in under 20 minutes. When I do, I will go to a known good phone spot and call you back. (If I'm not on the tractor; if my phone's not dead; if I'm not busy with a client...)

Do note: The person I am with is more important to me than the possible customer phoning. If I am in the midst of a conversation with client or employee I will ignore a text or phone call. Text me, and I will get back to you.

Do NOT phone the landline, find it busy, immediately call my cell, then when the call fails due to poor reception, call the house, or call Laura's cell. Be patient. Try again in 5 minutes. Or subscribe to that service that tells you when our line is no longer busy. (This is why Laura's cell is no longer listed on this web page.)

Snail Mail

Sherwood's Forests Tree Farm
RR 1, Site 2, Box 9
Warburg, Alberta, T0C 2T0

Rural Municipal Address:

Sherwood's Forests
50042 Range Road 31
Warburg, Alberta, T0C 2T0

Note: If you are sending me anything by courier, use the Rural Municipal address. Couriers don't deliver to post office boxes.

Got something to say? Email me: sfinfo@sherwoods-forests.com

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Want to talk right now? Call me: (8 am to 8 pm only, please) 1-780-848-2548

Do not arrive unannounced. Phone for an appointment. Why? See Contact & Hours That same page gives our hours of operation.

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Sherwood's Forests is located about 75 km southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Please refer to the map on our Contact page for directions.