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$100 placed at 7 percent interest compounded quarterly for 200 years will increase to more than $100,000,000 — by which time it will be worth nothing.
Robert A. Heinlein

Ordering, Payment & Shipping

Doing business with us

Room to grow

This is just one block of trees. We have both larger and smaller trees

Two seasons

We basically have two sales seasons, and they work a bit differently. Starting in Fall we have the Pre-Orders season.


Mostly we sell seedlings, ornamentals, special orders, and fruit trees. These are trees that we don't produce ourselves, and arrive in limited numbers. While we can take orders for other trees at this time, it is unusual. Shelterbelt trees are stocked in sufficient quantity you can come in as a walk in customer during the regular season.

Customers can order by phone or email, but we always follow phone up with email. "If it isn't written down, it didn't happen." If you don't get an email after talking to us on the phone, touch base with us. We dropped the ball.

Often email conversations and plans change as we get a better grasp of what you need, and you get a handle of what we we can do for you, and learn more about your options. This is normal. Typically we go back and for 2-3 times in discussion then another 2-3 times with quotes.

Some people are nervous about ordering from an unknown company over the phone. I don’t blame you a bit. If you like, let me know what you are interested in. People willing to plunk their hard earned coin on the barrel head get first dibs, but if I have your heart's desire in stock after pre-orders have been met, I'll contact you and invite you to check it out.

We ask for full payment a head of time for small orders and for a deposit of about 1/3 of the bill on anything over $300. We got burned a couple of times with people who ordered a bunch of stuff, then didn’t show up. When that results in an extra 1500 trees to plant, or losing seedlings because we couldn’t get them planted fast enough, it makes us a bit cranky.

The flip side of this: If you come out and don't like what you see, then we will refund your deposit. But you have to do this to my face. Not over the phone.

In either case we expect full payment before trees leave here. With commercial customers we will extend the usual 30 day credit.

Regular season

The regular season opens the 2nd weekend in May. If you aren't sure what you want, wait until trees are in full leaf. Then you can see what you are getting.
You don't have to order an apple tree ahead of time. In general, if you want only one of something, coming in on opening weekend is fine. I try to order numbers that allow a reasonable selection well into June.


Pre-order deposits can be paid with Email transfer, personal or business cheque, Visa, or Mastercard. We don't take American Express or debit cards at this time. We prefer the first two, as the bank doesn't get its pound of flesh.

During the regular season, we also take cash.


Seedlings can be shipped by mail or courier. A 12 x 16 x 24 inch box will go by mail almost anywhere in Alberta for about $40. Smaller shipments aren't much cheaper. Courrier is very expensive ($150 and up) but makes sense if you are in eastern Canada.

We can't ship larger pots at an affordable price. I looked at sending a pallet of trees to Grand Prairie. The shipping was three times the value of the trees.

Tree Pooling

If you are coming a fair distance, look at cooperating with friends to reduce the gas. I regularly get people from Grand Prairie and Slave Lake who do this. One guy has a pickup and stock trailer, the rest come along for the ride. The usual deal is that guy who brings the wheels pays none of the fuel. So if 3 guys get together, then the two who don't provide the truck split the fuel bill.

Another guy just phones his friends, puts them on to my site. They phone in their orders, and he has some complicated scheme for figuring out the transport.

If you are interested in tree pooling, mention it when you call or write. We'll give your phone number to other people in that area who are planning on coming down.


We no longer deliver. It takes too much time and energy at a time of year when we already have our hands very full. Manitoulin Transport, Leduc Trucking, and Hiway 9 all have regular routes nearby.