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Mountain Pine

This one is in my demo garden.

Mountain Pine

Same tree. Side view. You can shape these with pruning, or let them do their thing.

Mountain Pine

And in snow... Two gallon size 3 yr olds.

Mountain Pine

20 liter pot 6 year olds

Mountain Pine

These guys are about 4-5 feet tall.

Mountain Pine Mountain Pine

Mountain Pine

Pinus uncinata

Interesting specimen tree, with irregular growth. Consider it as an anchor tree at the north end of a rock garden, creating space for specimens that like light shade.

Mountain pine look like mugos on steroids. Thirty to fifty feet tall, usually with only one trunk, but otherwise branching, foliage and cones that look like mugo.

Mountain pine is native to the Pyranees Mountains between France and Spane, and eastward into the western Alps. It's usually found 3000 to 7000 feet above sea level.

Some botanists consider that mountain pine is really a subspecies of Mugo pine. Considering how much variation there is in mugos this isn't an unreasonable view.

Hardiness: Disputed. Zone 3 to Zone 5. I don't see damage to the ones in my demo garden in zone 3.

Mountain pine stays green in winter.

Sun: Probably full sun.

Water: Safe to ignore after the first year. Grows better if watered once a month.

Fertilizer: Moderate. (1/2 standard dose)

Soil: Well drained soils.

Pruning: Not required. If it gets too open, pinch the candles back to 3-4 inches for a couple of years.

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