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Cedars & Junipers

Where the rest of our evergreens are in essence bottle brushes, the cedar and juniper group are closer to being brooms. Instead of needles, they have scales. There is no real distinction between leaf and twig.

Skybound Cedar

Row of skybound cedar.

Mint Julep Juniper

Mint Julep Juniper in my demo garden.

Most cedars are borderline here, but with suitable choice of location, will do well. Too many people put them on the south or west side of a wall or fence. Winter air in such places is stagnant, and warm. The top of the tree is warm and cozy while the roots are frozen, unable to replace water lost by the leaves. Putting them 15-20 feet away from the wall is sufficient.

This problem affects upright junipers too, although the scopulorum group of junipers is more resistant.

Cedars do best with constant damp, but not soggy ground. Rototilling several inches of wood chips into the soil will help with water retention, and will moderate our heavy clay. They will do best if heavily mulched (2-3 inches of wood chips on top of a double layer of cardboard. Renew every 2-3 years) and put on a once a week automatic waterer. Set it to put enough water to keep the top 5 inches of soil moist, but not soggy.

Cedars are moderately shade tolerant.

Junipers tend to prefer a very well drained soil. They are much more drought tolerant, but like cedar they are subject to winter dehydration. The upright ones should not be in a warm pocket. Near the house, use the low sprawling ones. Water thoroughly in late fall to help them through the winter.

Junipers do best in full sun, although I've seen native ones in dappled shade.

Conifer -- Cedar

(# plants)
Cedar, E. Wht. -- 'Skybound' #10 Std pot (30 qt) 120 $80.00
Cedar, E. Wht. -- 'Skybound' #15 Std pot (45 qt) 40 $120.00
Last Update: 2020-Nov-29

Conifer -- Juniper

(# plants)
Juniper, Blue Chip #2 Std pot (6 qt) 10 $30.00
Juniper, Blue Star #2 Std pot (6 qt) 10 $30.00
Juniper, Buffalo #2 Std pot (6 qt) 10 $30.00
Juniper, Calgary Carpet #1 Std pot (3 qt) -1 $18.00
Juniper, Calgary Carpet #2 Std pot (6 qt) 19 $30.00
Juniper, Gold Lace #2 Std pot (6 qt) -8 $30.00
Juniper, Hughes #2 Std pot (6 qt) 8 $30.00
Juniper, Icee Blue #2 Std pot (6 qt) 10 $30.00
Juniper, Wichita Blue #5 Std pot (15 qt) 10 $100.00
Juniper, Yukon Belle #2 Std pot (6 qt) 1 $30.00
Poplar, Guardian Aspen #15 Std pot (45 qt) 6 $140.00
Last Update: 2020-Aug-26

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