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Only when the last tree has been cut down,
Only when the last river has been poisoned,
Only when the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.
Cree Indian Prophecy

Typical Pine

The edge were tree meets field creates a haven for all sorts of critters.


Yes, we can have roses in Alberta

Many people avoid roses thinking they are difficult and require lots of maintenance. Can be true, especially if you are trying to grow older breeds in our prairie climate. But modern roses are more disease resistant, and more weather resistant.

Doesn't mean they are no work. Do your homework before getting any of these.

For years the only rose choices for Alberta were hedge roses, hansa roses, and wild roses. Thanks to rose breeders


I'm still trying to work out what a series is. My current guess is that it's a batch of roses that came out of one lab or breeder group.


Out of Morden, Manitoba does well in extreme cold and drought. Some problems with blackspot fungus in the earlier releases. Mostly compact shrubs, with a blossom that resembles tea roses.


Good disease resistance to both blackspot and powdery mildew. There is large variety of shape and size of these including some moderate climbers, and low bush forms.

Canadian Artists

The goal here was to have roses that could be grown across Canada. The descriptions show them to do tolerably well on the prairies in zone 3b. Colder than that, or in a more exposed situation may need winter protection.

Wild roses

Not really a series, but we do have native roses.

Other roses

A grabbag of other rose types -- hedge roses for shelterbelts, rugosa roses for people with black thumbs.

More Info Types of Roses Ramblers, vining, miniature, tea, floribunda... Roses have their own vocabulary. This reference from the University of Missouri gives you a start.

Leaf -- Rose

Species/Cultivar Container/Format Count Size Price
Rose, Felix Leclerc #2 Std pot (6 qt) -1 $30.00
Rose, Felix Leclerc #2 Std pot (6 qt) 1 12-18 in. $25.00
Rose, John Davis #2 Std pot (6 qt) -1 $30.00
Rose, John Davis #2 Std pot (6 qt) 1 12-18 in. $25.00

Please be patient

Typical Pine

Lodgepole Pine in our front yard.

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Sherwood's Forests is located about 75 km southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Please refer to the map on our Contact page for directions.