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Typical Pine

The edge were tree meets field creates a haven for all sorts of critters.

Veitch Fir

Abies veitchii

Veitch Fir

Veitch Fir and dandelion

Veitch Fir is one I decided to try on a whim. It was nominally zone 4. Lustrous dark green needles. Soft foliage. New growth in the spring are sprays of pale green. From a few paces away it looks like there is butterfly or a bow-tie on the tip of each branch.

I put 3 in my yard. Two croaked. The third is doing ok, but after four years is barely over a foot high. One I put in the forest north of the house is now a terrifying 7 inches tall.

It is easily my most tender tree. I bought about a hundred. I think 40 are still alive. None of them are doing super well. But they are so pretty, that I'm going to keep trying.

Recommended only for dedicated gardeners.

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