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If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are.
-- Zen Proverb

Typical Pine

The edge were tree meets field creates a haven for all sorts of critters.


In an aerial of our land from 10 years back, this spot is just a slightly damp patch of weeds. Now it is a willow thicket. There are about 20 willows native to Alberta, and a horde more that will grow here.

Worse, they are not into racial purity. Natural hybrids happen all the time. Right now, in spring, I keep my eyes open for willows that have something extra going for them: bright coloured bark, bigger than average catkins. They are easy to propagate, so when I see an interesting one, I'll take my pruning sheers, and nip a few branches. I've got my eye on a nice red and a nice orange that have very fine branches. might be good for small basket work, as well as being pretty.

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Sherwood's Forests is located about 75 km southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Please refer to the map on our Contact page for directions.