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Water which is too pure has no fish.
Ts'ai Ken T'an

Typical Pine

The edge were tree meets field creates a haven for all sorts of critters.

Landscape Design

I don't pretend to be a landscape architect. If any of you out there are landscape architects I'd like to hear from you.

However I do have an eye for landscapes, and an eye for photography. So maybe the sections here will be worth your time.

In the city landscaping is limited by the size of yards. Rather the lack of size. I grew up as a kid in a neighborhood of 100 foot wide, 200 foot deep lots. My folks had lots of room to play with, especially as the back edge was nearly 50 feet lower than the front.

In the country you have a lot more room to play. Yet over and over I see acreages that are 95% grass.

There are three concepts central to making a beautiful yard:

  1. Hidden views. Not everything can be seen.
  2. Use space as an element in design.
  3. Create patterns and symmetry with repetition, alternation, contrast, and edges.

Read more on the following pages, and do drop me a line (email link upper left) with your thoughts on this subject.

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