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Balsam Fir

2 foot high balsam fir

Balsam Fir

Abies balsamea

You know balsam fir. It is the archtypical Christmas tree. Wonderful smell. Soft sprays of needles.

It grows here. I know one only 6 miles from my house, down by the river But it isn't common. This is a challenging tree.

It needs a spot where it doesn't get reflection off the house in winter, but is also protected from the winter winds.

If you are on the bald prairie, start with something else. When your something elses are 10 feet tall, come see me for a fir.

According to forestry.about.com, the only ingredient we're missing is water. Where it grows well it typically gets 30-40 inches of precipitation per year.

If you have a partially shaded hollow that's wet for a couple days after a rain, this is a possible tree for that spot, especially if it's a bit shady too.

I’ve in-planted them in my poplar woods, here and there on the edges. Works well for this.

Balsam Fir

Upcoming Balsam Fir. Transplant unsold ones to bigger pots in fall of 2017

More info on balsam fir

USFS Silvics Manual Abies balsamea

Wikipedia Abies balsamea

Boreal Forest Balsam Fir

The Gymnosperm Database Abies balsamea

Conifer -- Fir

(# plants)
Fir, Balsam #1 Std pot (3 qt) 123 $12.50
Fir, Balsam #10 Growbag (42 qt) 31 $80.00
Fir, Balsam #2 Std pot (6 qt) 518 $20.00
Fir, Balsam #2 Std pot (6 qt) 25 $25.00
Fir, Balsam #5 Std pot (15 qt) 217 $30.00
Fir, Balsam #5 Std pot (15 qt) 68 $35.00
Last Update: 2020-Aug-26

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