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There are three kinds of men:
1. The ones that learn by reading.
2. The ones that learn by observation.
3. The rest of them that have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.


These are people I've dealt with for some time. They have not only sold stuff to me, they have gone out of their way to be helpful to a new guy starting out. If I've missed you, or if you want specific contact information added to your listing here, please let me know.


Boreal Horticultural Services Bonnieville, Alberta. Judy Butt is my first line supplier for seedlings. Quality is consistently good. Deliveries are on time. I think I pester her with about a billion questions with each order.

Pacific Reclamation Technologies You wouldn't think that a company that grows and sells hundreds of millions of seedlings for forestry replanting would have the time of day for people who order 1-2 thousand seedlings at a time. They do, however.


Apache Seeds Edmonton. I walk into Apache, and ask for some weird fertilizer. If they don't have it, they'll get it. They also have an interesting selection of garden tools.


www.leevalley.com If you are gardener, you've got to get on Lee Valley Tools mailing list. They carry tools that no one else carries. (Vineyard hoe, european style scythe ...) Prices are moderate to high, but the quality is generally very good. Their staff know their stuff.

Pots & Growing Containers

Stuewe & Sons www.stuewe.com (Corvallis Oregon) carries a line of tall tree pots. A lot of research says that a tall narrow ridged pot produces better trees. After some experimentation, I agree. I only wish that I could get these pots in larger sizes with the same ridges. Anyway, John and I have exchanged emails for a couple years discussing pots.

Beaver Plastics www.beaverplastics.com does interesting things with styrofoam. Styroblocks are styrofoam bricks about 1 foot by 2 feet by 4-6 inches with a hoard of holes in them to plant trees. Beaver Plastics will sell you one block or a truck load.


Hi-Line Farm Equipment Wetaskiwin I've not actually bought anything from them. A couple years ago, I was considering replacing my tractor with a New Holland one that I'd read reviews of. I called Hi-Line as they were one of the NH dealers in the area. We had a long conversation about what I do with the tractor. We concluded that what I had was as good as anything I could get from them at this time.

This was a person that was more concerned with getting the customer connected to the right stuff rather than making a quick sale. My kind of people. Guess where I'll go for my next piece of major equipment.

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