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March 2016

Website woes

I've been writing all month long. Found out that when my computer crashed last fall, I ended up restoring an older version of my website. That didn't matter in one sense -- my local version is not the one that the world sees. But since I use a templating system to make it simpler to edit, my template versions were out of step. So I had to create a lot of them over again.

Then in my editing to clean up my site, I removed the google analytics tracking code. Had a panic one day when I saw that my site hits were near zero. But the server stats said no change. So it was just the analytics code. Fixed. But now I have to remember the reason for that 3 week notch in my stats.


We won't quite have a whole semi-trailer to ourself this year from Jeffries, but additions are going in every week.

At the end of the month we had close to 25K in pre-orders. That's a bit lower than last year, but not bad considering the oil price slump.

Dry Spring

It's been an El NiƱo year, and snowfall was light. We mark a calendar with "Pond Day" the day that there's been enough runoff to fill the pond to the overflow. On the average it's March 17th. This year by that date the snow was gone, the culvert feeding the pond dry. We can hope for a spring dump of snow for the farmers.

Cold room

My experiment with the cold room hasn't been as successful as I'd wish. Temp inside has been running 1/4 of the outside temp. I expected cooler than that -- 1/8th. I've been stapling insulated tarps to the outside, but I can only cover about 2/3 of it that way because of a shed on one end. Mind you, I've left the fan off to conserve ice.

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