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Cherry Plum or Chum

What you get when you cross a sand cherry with a plum

When you cross a peach and an apricot you get a nectarine.

When you cross a sand cherry and a plum you get a cherry plum or chum. (Why not Plerry?)

These are small fruits, usually about ping pong ball size. You need two different kinds to get good production. Growth habit is generally that of a large shrub.

Chums prefer well drained, loamy soil. Do not let soil get soggy.

We have:

Mustang If you let it, Mustang forms an 8 foot diameter ball. Fruit is about an inch across, deep red, very sweet, with a strong cherry flavour.

Sapalta Sprawling shrub. to 6 x 8 feet. Dark burgundy fruit with very dark flesh.

Food -- CherryPlum

Species/Cultivar Container/Format Count Size Price
CherryPlum, Mustang #10 Growbag (42 qt) 1 3-4 ft. \$80.00
CherryPlum, Mustang #10 Growbag (42 qt) 9 7-9 ft. \$120.00
CherryPlum, Sapalta #10 Growbag (42 qt) 4 5-5.5 ft. \$80.00
CherryPlum, Sapalta #8 Std pot (24 qt) 10 5-7 ft. \$70.00

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