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Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.
Mark Twain

Typical Pine

The edge were tree meets field creates a haven for all sorts of critters.

Currants & Gooseberries


Ben Nevis black currant

Black Currant

This group of berries are not noted for their use fresh. They are tart, extremely so when not quite ripe, much sweeter as you let them age on the twig. Different cultivars have varying amounts of sugar.

All of the ribes (genus name) are somewhat shade tolerant. If you are working on a food forest, these can do quite well in the dappled shade below other fruit trees.

Ribes tend to sprawl. An easy way to deal with them is to make rings of concrete re-enforcing mesh about 2.5 feet wide. This keeps the branches off the ground, and makes picking easier.

Currents are mostly used for jam,jelly and conserves. Gooseberry traditionally used for sauces and pies. Often they are used to 'tarten up' a blend that is a bit bland.

What we carry depends on what I can get. (I'm not producing my own yet.)

Red currant

Red Currant

Ben Nevis This is a black currant. Berries range from 3/8 to 1/2 inch when ripe. Large clusters make for fast picking.

Red Lake This is (surprise!) a red currant. Red currants tend to be smaller than black. They are not quite as strongly flavoured, and make a lighter coloured jellies and jams. Red Lake has large fruit with high juice content. Mid season. Red lake is susceptible to powdery mildew. Drip irrigation recommended. If this isn't practical, water when leaves will dry quickly after. (Water in mid morning on a breezy day is ideal.

Captivator Berries are quite large, about 5/8" x nearly an inch long, and red when ripe. Sweet enough for fresh eating. Plant is nearly thornless. Promising for commercial production. Resistant to mildew. Late season variety.

Pixwell Berries, are smaller, but in clusters that hang well below the cane, making for fast picking. Fruit gets bitter if overripe. Too tart for most people's taste for fresh eating.


Captivator Gooseberry. Big berries. Almost thornless.

Food -- Currant

Species/Cultivar Container/Format Count Size Price
Currant, Black 'Ben Nevis' #2 Std pot (6 qt) -5 $30.00
Currant, Black 'Ben Nevis' #2 Std pot (6 qt) 20 2-3 ft. $25.00
Currant, Black 'Ben Nevis' #5 Std pot (15 qt) -4 $40.00
Currant, Black 'Ben Nevis' #5 Std pot (15 qt) 15 2-2 ft. $40.00
Currant, Red, Red Lake #2 Std pot (6 qt) -3 $25.00
Currant, Red, Red Lake #5 Std pot (15 qt) 13 3.5-4 ft. $40.00

Food -- Gooseberry

Species/Cultivar Container/Format Count Size Price
Gooseberry, Captivator #2 Std pot (6 qt) -8 $25.00
Gooseberry, Captivator #2 Std pot (6 qt) 10 2-3 ft. $25.00
Gooseberry, Captivator #4 Std pot (12 qt) -1 $35.00
Gooseberry, Captivator #5 Std pot (15 qt) 13 3-4 ft. $40.00
Gooseberry, Pixwell #4 Std pot (12 qt) 4 2-2 ft. $40.00

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