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Tree Farm a la carte

We want to retire. To do that we need to pass the torch, but we are finding that tree farms are not a hot item in the current market. So to be flexible this is our plan:

497,000 *House and 80 acres of land. * The house is 2500 square feet, and is a bit run down, but is weather tight, heats very efficiently and has lots of room for books. It also includes an annual revenue of 3500/year for a gas lease. The land is a mix, but roughly has 15 acres of bush, 10 acres of active tree farm, and the remainder in ungrazed pasture that is reverting to prairie.

200,000 Inventory. This includes all the trees valued at approximately 40% of retail value. We currently have 20,000 trees, valued at around 450,000 Full inventory description on request. You want inventory? Come take a look. Buy it all, or buy just a bit. Note that to get the 40% price you have to be buying all of it.

47,000 *Business. * This option includes our website, facebook page, accounting records, brand, signage. It does not include any trees, pots, tractors, tools, pipe,....

50,000 Consulting. During your first year I will come and spend a week with you every month during the growing season, and up to 3 hours phone/internet consulting the rest of the year. This includes web site maintenance. This is not available until the inventory is sold.

20,000 Deutz 55 HP diesel tractor with front end loader. 6000 hours. Four wheel drive. This includes 3 share plough, 7 foot set of disks, 6 foot set of harrows, 6 foot bush mower,

4000 Kubota 16 HP diesel tractor. This includes 6 foot scraper blade and 38 inch rototiller.

8000 Grasshopper 25 HP diesel Zero turn radius lawn mower. Under 500 hours.

5000 Shop tools. Table saw, Bandsaw, jointer, radial saw, chop saw, cabinets. This includes inventory of nuts and bolts, screws, plumbing bits, electrical bits… A cluttered garage full of stuff. I'm taking my hand tools, and that's it.


Unknown. This winter, I'm prettying up the house. Clean the walls, patch and paint. Buy now and we can negotiate a better price.

Spring will be business as usual.

In mid summer, I will start selling off inventory in a series of sales. At the same time the house as a just a house and land will be put on the market with an October 15 possession date.

In September we will have one of the commercial auction companies come to sell off whatever is left.

But we’d rather sell it as a working tree farm.

Why? Why would you want to do this?

For Sale: Tree Farm One Hour Outside of Edmonton

Want to live in the country and run a profitable, business you can be proud of from your house?

Read on...

Typical Pine

Lodgepole Pine in our front yard.

Got something to say? Email me: sfinfo@sherwoods-forests.com

Want to talk right now? Talk to me: (8 am to 9 pm only, please) 1-780-848-2548

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Sherwood's Forests is located about 75 km southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Please refer to the map on our Contact page for directions.