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I can live for two months on a good compliment.

Mark Twain

Sherwood's Almanac

Week starting 13 December 2009

I was in town some time this week, don't remember what day, and it occured to me that having an outdoor decorated Christmas tree may help sales. So I stopped at Walmart and bought unbreakable ornaments -- silver and gold tinsel garlands and red bead chains. They weren't expensive.

Found out that decorating a tree outside is a different proposition. Because you view it from further away, the ornaments have to be bigger. Also the silver garlands are invisible against the snow. Didn't bother with lights, since people wouldn't see it lit up. (We only sell trees during daylight hours.) No one noticed. Next year I will decorate one out at the tree yard.

When we were on holiday, one of the people we visited gave us last years outdoor lights. (They always buy new ones each year.) So I had an extra 3 strings. Looked at our own collection. Looked at the yard. So this year I lit 4 trees in our yard with about 50 lights each.

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